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Alcove's Software Products Packaged Solutions Write-up

Packages solutions provide the benefits such as lower costs, faster implementation of solutions, lower maintenance, upgrade costs etc.
Alcove offers off-the-shelf software products & solutions to businesses worldwide, Alcove teams work with our client teams to understand their business needs and accordingly, configure and customize the solution to meet their business needs.

Alcove provides its product services on two models. 1. Implementing the solution on client’s own servers, 2. Hosting them on our own services offer them on a “software-as-a-service” (SAAS) basis as per our client preferences. Below are some such solutions that currently offer, we plan to offer more solutions in the future.
School/College Management System
  • Students admission process
  • Students information services
  • Students fee management services
  • Staff information & management services
  • Staff payroll management System
Hospital Management System
  • Out-patient & In-patient registration services
  • Patients information maintenance & management
  • Laboratory / Pathology reports & process
  • Stocks control & Inventory management
  • Pharma & Medicines supplies &sales management
Hotel Management System
  • Front Office management
  • Events management
  • House keeping
  • Finance and payroll Management
  • Staff Attendance & Payroll Management
Financial Management & Accounts Management ERP system
  • Financial accounting
  • Budgeting process
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Balance sheets & Trial balance, Profit & Loss accounting
Human Resources Management System
  • Recruitment Process management
  • Work Allocation, Work Process
  • Attendance, Leave management Process
  • Employee information maintenance
  • Employee performance management