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Blackberry Mobile Applications Development

BlackBerry – A pioneer in smart phone Apps and push mail services :
Blackberry was one of the first companies that pioneered in smart phone apps and corporate communications. RIM the creator of BlackBerry Mobile devises provides a proprietary multi-tasking operating system (OS) for Blackberry, which serves as a base for Blackberry mobile apps development. 

Newer models of Blackberry are loaded with advanced features like address book, calendar, to-do lists, CRM, ERP, intranet access, instant messaging and more.  BlackBerry Enterprise Server software integrates fully with Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise and IBM Lotus Domino, this gives flexibility to apps users. BlackBerry is world’s leading platform for secure, wireless access to a host of business apps including email, corporate data, phone, SMS, web and organizer features.

Advantages of BlackBerry platform for Mobile apps :
There are already 42 million users of Blackberry smart-phone worldwide which base is still growing. Many leading global corporate are early adapters of BlackBerry devised for their corporate Mobile services needs, making this platform an obvious choice for enterprise mobile apps.

BlackBerry's popularity with enterprise users is due to its snappy features like a hi-tech mobile phone, email, internet, corporate data, messaging, organizer and other business related features in one cool devise. BlackBerry apps which are mainly business-oriented also perfectly cover both personal and corporate needs. The opening of BlackBerry App World - one central app location facilitates easy distribution of applications and implementation of ideas into successful projects.

Blackberry uses an operating system devised by RIM by using C++ that offers support to Java and WAP. Blackberry has proved to be a boon for several businesses as they can use voice, email and document services to remain connected to their employees on the move.

Alcove’s expertise & Skills in BlackBerry Apps development :
Blackberry mobile apps development involves the use of Blackberry proprietary APIs & other advanced technologies. Our Apps professionals are capable of harnessing the ultimate power of Blackberry APIs. Alcove creates unique graphically rich applications that showcase the capabilities of the latest generation of the BlackBerry phones, including the touch-based Storm and the scroll wheel based Curve and Pearl. We leverage our design expertise from our iPhone apps to create a stunning user experience, and our rich heritage in expert Java development to produce superior software for our clients.


Our skill include; BlackBerry Software Development Kit (SDK), Java for BlackBerry development, Native applications and hybrid native/web apps, SOAP, RESTful, Web Services, XML Parsing, Webkit, HTML5, Accelerometer, GPS, LBS, Push Notifications, MPEG4 and H.264 over HTTP/RTSP Streaming Video, BlackBerry AppWorld, Handango, and MobiHand App Store Submission and App Store Optimization. Our Agile iterative development and Application Lifecycle Process helps reduce development timelines and costs.

Why Alcove is your trusted partner to develop BlackBerry Mobile apps :
Alcove provides custom development services to develop large, complex mobile apps targeted for corporate and end-users. Alcove’s teams developed a large number of BlackBerry apps. This experience helps us to develop apps in pretty quick time and Alcove’s efficiency, combined with its ability to deliver projects from its offshore facilities in India helps its customers to save on Apps development costs. We develop every conceivable business productivity tools whether it’s for sales force, customer service automation, business intelligence, enterprise data access, entertainment, location based services, work flow, ERP service extensions, Corporate CRM needs that power customers’ business growth and progress.

Alcove incorporates best ethics in business, customer confidentiality, client focus to understand their apps requirements, design and develop efficient and high performance Apps for its growing global customers. 

Alcove provides numerous apps development services whether you want to build a custom Blackberry mobile app from scratch or port an existing app from another mobile operating system, or upgrade and enhance an existing BB app or enhancing the server side app and enhancing customer experience of your app, or maintaining and support your existing app etc. We ensure the Blackberry apps we develop works efficiently on all models of Blackberry smart-phones Torch, Style, Curve/Curve 3G, Bold, Tour, Pearl 3G etc.

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